Top 10 football skills which you can execute in a match like a pro

top 10 football skills in a match

My Top 10 List: Top 10 Football Skills to perform in a match.

Most of the (intermediate) footballers want to perform football skills in a match but fear of losing possession restricts them from skills.

It appears to be too risky to perform a football skill in a match, it is always difficult to risk the ball possession by prioritizing a skill. There are lots of skills which a footballer can perform which will boost the confidence and keep up the dramatic feel in the match. Unlike conventional matches, I personally feel that performing a football skill is very important in a football match to keep the game alive & interesting. At times, it is necessary for each footballer to perform skill to keep up the possession as tiki taka might not be possible at all times.

Yes, it is very much possible to perform a football skill successfully without losing the possession. Power, speed and agility are fundamental skills you need to excel in soccer. In these areas, various cardio and strength-training drills can boost your skill levels and should be done three to five times a week. Dribbling, passing, shielding, trapping, tackling, shooting and goalkeeping are different ways you contact the ball during a game. Practice these contact movements, ideally with a teammate, to fully develop the skills you need to play soccer.

Lets gear up with the easier ones yet effective, below is the list of football skills to start with. It will help you achieve success in a football match.

Ball control

It is about collecting the ball and gaining control of it using all parts of the body including feet, legs, chest, and head. It is the basic yet essential football skill which gets its place in the top position of top 10 football skills to execute in a match like a pro list.

You might be feeling that ball control is basic and might not consider it as a skill but it is the most effective part of a football game. Imagine a moment where you receives a pass from your team and only because of poor ball control you lose the possession. It is way before you have even started to dribble. For a successful match, always ensure that whenever you have ball possession you wont lose it.

To achieve it, ensure you have a firm balance on your feet. Try to receive as many passes as you can and ensure you keep the ball under your control. Always, evaluate the number of times you got ball possession and how successful it was. Imagine a team of 11 players evaluating the ball possession will gradually decrease the basic errors of losing the possession. Keep close control under pressure.

Trick Pass

Yes you got it right, situation demands you to make a move which the opposition is not aware of. One of the easiest trick to perform in the top 10 football skills to execute in a match like a pro post.

It happens when you will be barely able to find your team players around you. It will be even more difficult to keep possession if the opposition is using man-to-man tactics where all your players are covered with opposition team players.

To achieve it, you will have to use all parts of your feet. Ensure you can pass in all directions. It is highly recommended to keep the ball on ground as your players will be in motion. Following passes can be found successful: in-foot, side of foot, outside of the foot, chop, back foot and the famous one which Ronaldinho does a lot – “No Look Pass”.

There are lots of other types of pass which which turns out to be challenging for opposition team to decode on time. Try all variations so that it confuses the opposition team. It is one of the easiest football skill

You can also try out scoop pass if it is tough to keep the ball rolling. Can perform heel scoop as well.


It is a signature move of Ronaldinho. However, it was invented by Rivelino. We just think Ronaldinho did it much better. You be the judge, let me define the situations where elastico might turn out to be the effective skill. One of the best football skill that deceives the opponent in the list of top 10 football skills which can be performed in a match.

It is highly recommended to perform this skill if the opponent is facing either right/left and trying to come closer to you knowing that you will not sprint (mostly because you want to store the energy for goal scoring situations). It helps you utilize your energy effectively by effortlessly creating some space for you to pass the ball.

You can perform a reverse elastico based on the need which I personally feel is easier than elastico and puts you in the position where you can sprint if necessary.

Ball roll heel chop

I first saw this skill on television when Ronaldo was performing it to fool the opponent. This skill is similar to the aforementioned Heel Chop but, this time, you’re rolling the ball to one side before cutting back across. Naturally, the benefit to this is that you can further fool your opponent into thinking you’re going a totally different way. And it’s also not that difficult to do: Ensure you are familiar with ball roll in situations where opponent is closer to you. Just add up with a chop in direction where it takes more time for opponent to face and react.

If there is a situation where performing this football skill is effective then opponent might not follow you if you have executed it perfectly.

Stop and Turn

I like the way Iniesta does this. It will be found more effective if you are sprinting along with an opponent and performs it. It is kind of a chop during sprint with a turn.

The Stop and Turn is a single-footed move which sees players perform a near 360-degree turn on the spot. It’s a great way of beating opponents in their own penalty area, but bear in mind that, like many others on this list, it’s a crucial skill to pull off only when your opponent is sprinting else it might turn out to be a big fall back.

Fake pass

There’s nothing better than dribbling near an opponent, leading him one way then quickly faking a pass to leave him for dust. It’s most useful when you’re a winger near the edge of the box as turning 180 degrees with the ball gives you enough space to follow up with a cross. Or, if you’ve got someone with impressive finesse shots, you can try to curl one into the top corner from the edge of the box as you cut inside. It can also be done as a fake shot but a fake pass is much more easier to execute.

This football skill is recommended to perform this skill if opponent is still for a second or two trying to decode your next move.


A good scissors is simple and fluid, and it is much easier to understand the smaller steps once you know the aim of performing this skill. Unlike other skills, understand the total move before diving into the parts. Balance is the key to perform this skill, ensure you fake the strong foot and then bend to make an athletic crouch and move the ball with the other foot. It is one of the difficult football skill in this list but still can be performed in a match post multiple successful attempts in the training session.

This football skill is recommended to perform this move when opponent is facing either right/left and have moved 2-3 steps along with you waiting for the right moment to snatch the ball.

Rainbow flick

It might appear difficult to perform this skill only if you have not performed it yet because of the fear of losing balance. I personally feel it is easier to perform this skill but requires a lot of attempts initially for you to master it. Perform this skill when you are training by rolling the ball slowly, always put your feet ahead of ball by keeping some distance. it might feel like you will lose the balance completely if you are doing it for the first time. Honestly, it will take atleast 10-20 consecutive & successful rainbow flicks for you to master it. There are lots of youtube videos available, it is recommended to watch a video first before performing it.

It will be the most effective move when you are surrounded by opponents closely, you can perform this skill to pass it to your team player if in front within 5 to 10 metre distance. Do it only if there are no other opponents in front of your team player in the same angle as goal as it might turn out to be a goal scoring opportunity. Also ensure offside will not spoil your move. It is one of the difficult to execute football skill but worth a try…

Central pass

Its a goal scoring opportunity where you can roll the ball straight up for your team player to sprint diagonally. It is recommended to execute it when opponents are in man-to-man marking, ensure the danger area is clear for your team player to reach by sprinting diagonally.

You can also execute it when your opponents attack in the middle, it is important to defend sensibly . It involves marking the players who are in the danger areas. You will then agree about who should do what when defending around your own box

Learn to recognize how to act during central attacks, in and around the box

Double touch exit

Lastly, a skill worth executing which can be executed at aforementioned situations which are described under ball roll heel chop.

If you are in the initial stages of performing it, you might feel like you will lose balance when you try to execute it as perfectly as possible. Just ensure the ball rolling speed is lesser initially and try to make a back foot. If you are able to make a back foot successfully then halt it with the other foot and there you go. While halting the ball movement ensure you opens up the side of the foot so that ball doesnt touch your front foot again. It is one of the challenging football skill.

About Top 10 football skills to execute in a match like a pro in My Top 10 List website

Above details provided are based on my personal opinion and need not classify that only these football skills fall under top 10 football skills which can be performed in a match.

Top 10 Football Skills in a match: More Information

Thats all for now, feel free to share your opinion I will try my best to refine it further in the future. I understand my writing style might not convey the ways of executing a skill successfully. I would recommend you to watch a couple of youtube videos before diving in. Also, it is not recommended to perform the complex skills during a match unless you have mastered it during training sessions.

All the best, post your match experience in the comments section below.

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