Top 10 easy to build chatbot platform in 2020

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My Top 10 List: Top 10 easy to build chatbot platform in 2020

Chatbot platform: It is always recommended to focus on logic over platform to use for fulfilling end user requirements. With increase in demand of chatbot platform in 2019, there are lots of new platforms and even more to come in year 2020 on which you can easily build chat bot. Likewise, I have compiled a list below for your reference.

Whether you are a business owner or a developer or a chat bot enthusiast or looking forward to crack hackathon, this blog is one of the best compilation of chatbot platforms
Below platforms are very easy to use. With or without UI/UX or machine learning developers, you can make a game changing chatbot completely yourselves.

Again, this list is ideal for developers looking for best chat bot platforms available in the industry to make their job easier and effortless. As a result, it is relatively easier to host chat bot when compared with other products/applications. Have a look at these chat bot platforms which you can explore in year 2020.

1. Chatfuel – Chatbot Platform

Ideal choice for business owners with minimal to no development knowledge. You can make it work on Facebook Messenger effortlessly. Chatfuel makes it relatively easier to build chatbot when compared with other platforms. Majority of chatfuel users build chat bot without any development just by entering the frequently asked questions along with their answers.

Recommended to use if you are looking forward to build/deploy deterministic chat bot. Additionally, chatfuel claims that 46% of all messenger bots run on their platform, what better you are looking at? Get started today…

Website: ChatFuel Official Website
Case Study: University generated $3.1 million with one day chatfuel campaign

2. Botsify – Chatbot Platform

Botsify takes its place with easy to use interface for both business owners and developers. A lot of business owners with less/no development knowledge created chat bot using Botsify. Comparatively, it offers a platform to build chat bot for both website & for Facebook. They provide a free sign up option, ideal for developers who want to get started. It also provides paid subscriptions available for advanced developers to explore core features.

Website: Botsify Official Website
Tutorials: Quick Start Guide

3. – Chatbot Platform

In the first place, we discussed more about easy to build chatbots. But, is one of the best chat bot platform that provides enterprise level bot building and end to end management platform. Uniquely, its core features include built in CRM, real time insights to make smarter chat bots and most importantly machine learning. As a result, you can deploy machine learning models to break the feel of deterministic. Similarly, it breaks deterministic bot feel to a major extent.

Deploy your Python/R program script to power chat bot with machine learning.

Website: Official Website
References: Resources to get started

Here is a list of other chat bot platforms which you can explore. However, I would suggest you to give a try on the above mentioned links.

4. – Chatbot Platform

The only AI that understands your customers. “Customers can never wait” so get started with Based on the website, it appears like it provides reinforcement learning for chat bots. However, I would suggest you to dig deeper and comment on this website if you are able to achieve more than what you desired.

Website: Official Website
References: Quick Start Guide

5. Mobile Monkey – Chatbot Platform

Off topic, one of the thoughtful feature that I liked the most about their website is that they dynamically update their banner text by using end users location. Liked it…!

Coming back to mobile monkey, like other platforms, you can create chat bot with little or no coding knowledge. Furthermore, it made its list in top tools video by Neil Patel. Uniquely, mobile monkey powers Facebook messenger to auto reply intelligently based on users input.

Website: Mobile Monkey Official Website
Documentation: Mobile Monkey Documents Page

Below are other 5 chat bot platforms to explore

6. Aivo

Website: Aivo Official Website
Customer Service: Customer Service Solutions

7. Smart Loop

Website: Official Website

8. LivePerson

Website: Official Website
Products: AI Powered Chatbots


Website: Official Website
Documentation: Natural Language Processing for Developers


Website: Official Website
Documentation: Building Blocks for Building Bots

About Top 10 Chatbot Platforms

Above details provided is just a compilation of chat bot platforms to make your search easier in finding the best platform. Moreover, if you feel there is an edit possible for this blog then feel free to comment it to share your opinion.

Top 10 easy to build chatbot platforms: More Information

If you are looking for a support in your quest of making the best chatbot as per your needs, feel free to comment your email ID along with the problem statement. I will try my best to help you.

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