Top 10 Startups in India to watch in Year 2020

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My Top 10 List: Top 10 Promising Indian Startups

Did you know: India will be home to 10,500 startups by 2020. I have picked a list of Top 10 startups in India to watch in year 2020 based on a compilation of over 10,000 promising startups. Also, the Indian startups raised an astonishing $4.88 billion in the first half (H1) of year 2019. These upcoming Indian startups developed a lot of expectations.

Quote of the day: “The biggest risk is not taking any risk… In a world that is changing really quickly, the only strategy that is guaranteed to fail is not taking risks. “
— Mark Zuckerburg

The startup landscape in this country mainly focused on B2C business, keep a track on these Indian startups to invest in Year 2020. Don’t miss out on this list of top 10 startups of India. We have picked this startups list from a diverse list of promising startups from Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Chennai..etc across the industries. Here is a list of hot Indian startups to watch in year 2020.

CureFit – A Promising Indian Startup for Healthy lifestyle

CureFit offers a platform focused on improving healthy lifestyle where almost near or about 1/3rd of population requires yearly medical management. It’s USP is to provide holistic cure across multiple domains like fitness, food and mental well being. The company also offers offline support across nutrition, fitness & psychological well being through its products namely, and You can book cure fit sessions using Alexa as well. CureFit was founded in year 2016 with offices in Bangalore, Karnataka. Its total funding as per the latest available records is $174.6 Million.

Shuttl – Popular Transportation based Indian Startup

Shuttl provides transportation service with digitzed booking through an app. Shuttl was launched in year 2015 to fight pollution. It’s USP is to ease commute, mainly focuses employees. Shuttl transportation service provides pre-booking for affordable busses for daily commute. Its corporate office is based in Gurgaon, Haryana. Based on the latest records, its total funding is $48.8 Million.

Dunzo – Promising Transportation Indian Startup

With a huge potential in transportation services, a huge wave of transportation based startups has grown Dunzo which connects users by identifying the nearest delivery partner. Another startup which was founded in year 2015 with corporate offices across tier 1 cities namely Bangalore, Delhi, Gurgaon, Pune, Chennai & Hyderabad. Its total funding is $29.6 Million based on the latest records.

Cleardekho – Upcoming Eyewear Indian Startup

With increase in eyewear demand there arises a need for a company to own eyewear industry by providing quality glasses across various designs. Most importantly, Cleardekho provides wide design options ranging from prescription, sunglasses, reading glasses and even the contact lenses. It was founded in year 2016 with corporate office in Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh with total funding of $20 Million as per our records.

Acko General Insurance – Upcoming Fintech Indian Startup

It is one of the latest Indian startup in our list of Top 10 startups in India. Insurance industry is in a boom since the inception of frequent changes in tax slabs. Acko General Insurance company claims to provide personalized policies based on user behavior and need besides insurance policies. It offers great prices, customer satisfaction and stress free insurance claims. It was founded in year 2017 with corporate office in Mumbai, Maharashtra. Total funding based on the records is $107 Million.

Flyrobe – Upcoming Fashion Indian Startup

Flyrobe came up with a unique approach to allow a user to rent the designer clothing. The idea was liked by the investors so much that it raised $7 Million since then. It was founded in year 2015 with corporate office in Mumbai, Maharashtra.

Toppr – Renowned Indian Startup in Education industry

Toppr USP was to provide personalized learning in the industry of Education sector. Education industry is being termed as one of the upcoming business industry. Most importantly, this company makes use of technology to improve the the approach towards learning, it is inclined towards providing innovative ways towards a learning path. It was founded in year 2013 and managed a total funding of $65.1 as per our records.

Urban Ladder – Hot Indian Startup Furniture Company

It was founded in year 2012 with an aim to provide curated destination for home solutions with a focus to help Urban India in building well-furnished and beautiful homes. It is a Bangalore based online furniture company which is considered as one stop home furnishing solution. Its funding is worth $112.8 Million based on the records.

Pharmeasy – Popular Healthcare Indian Startup

Another healthcare Indian Startup that focuses on aggregating pharmacy chains in India. It is considered as one of the largest pharmacy aggregators in India. Besides delivering medicine, they ensure the customers get medicines at a fairly discounted price to fulfill the medical needs. It was founded in year 2015 with corporate office in Mumbai, Maharashtra.

Xpressbees – Promising Logistics Indian Startup

This technology startup makes use of e-commerce platform to deliver last mile logistic needs. Most importantly, it connects with an extensive network reach across maximum possible locations with secure technology platform. It is also considered as one of the most trusted e-commerce solutions provider in the logistics industry. It was founded in year 2015 with corporate office in Pune, Maharashtra.

In the above list of Top 10 Indian Startups, we have not selected a startup which was founded before year 2015 as those startups either became big giants in the industry or are struggling to become.

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About Top 10 Startups in India to watch in year 2020

Above details provided are based on my personal opinion and need not classify that only these are the top 10 Indian Startups and need not have the same ranking based on the upcoming startups in India. However, feel free to give your suggestions in the comment section below.

Top 10 Indian Startups: More Information

Thats it in this post, if you are looking for connecting with a co-founder or actively looking for an investor or a company to invest in, feel free to comment below.

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