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My Top 10 List: Microsoft HoloLens 2 details

HoloLens Microsoft: Microsoft’s amazing launch of HoloLens have created a lot of unanswered questions. HoloLens by Microsoft based on their recent release of HoloLens 2, Microsoft has made mixed reality less awkward. In year 2019, it is still a mystery for a lot of countries to witness existence of such gadget.

For starters: HoloLens is a virtual reality (VR) headset with transparent lenses for an augmented reality experience. According to Microsoft, HoloLens is a “fully untethered, see-through holographic computer.”

Evolution of User Experience

HoloLens gets a drastic change in the evolution of user experience and also opens the doors for app developers. Imagine the emergence in technologies to create an ease for developing the apps for HoloLens. For developers, pull up your socks and keep your system ready to learn and develop the next generation apps.

3D Holographic Designs

With increase in the demand of user experience there creates a lot of opportunities for designers to show their skills. Yes, it is beyond 3D design which works on holographic effect. It will require immense detailing and will also brings with it the emergence of sophisticated & powerful tools to cater the needs. A lot of people might be searching about hololens microsoft designs or 3d modules, please comment so that I can guide you accordingly with a personalized list of recommendations.

Beyond smartphone

Smartphone features will appear to be the basic features of HoloLens. In addition, it provides a whole new user experience for the end user. For smartphone enthusiast. It might also turn out to be the best gaming console in the industry. Years later from today, we might find this gadget owned by majority of the gamers and is more likely to be visible in YouTube gadget reviews. A lot of enthusiast must be searching about hololens microsoft gadget or smartphone app and much more…
For Developers, here is a book available on Amazon named “Develop Microsoft HoloLens Apps Now”.

HoloLens Microsoft: Specifications

A lot of immediate purchasers will be interested to know the specifications of hololens to ensure they purchase the best available version for their requirement/use. Here are few specifications of HoloLens as per Microsoft. Below are HoloLens Microsoft specifications.

Optics: It offers see-through holographic lenses
Resolution: It provides 2k resolution and with 3:2 light engines
Eye-based rendering: It comes with display optimization for 3D eye position
Head tracking : 4 visible light cameras
Eye tracking: 2 IR cameras
For more specifications, visit: Microsoft HoloLens Specifications

HoloLens Microsoft: Pricing

Here comes the most interesting part for most of the readers, there are multiple editions available based on the need. Below is a list of HoloLens Microsoft latest editions and its pricing. Choose wisely…

The latest edition is HoloLens 2 with Remote Assist. Its cost is $125/user/month. It includes HoloLens 2 device (one device) along with Dynamics 365 remote Assist which can be managed by one seat. It comes with a warranty and also commercial use rights.

HoloLens 2 (device only) comes at $3,500. The cost is per device. It also comes with a warranty along with commercial use rights.

HoloLens 2 Development Edition will be the best edition for developers to explore. It offers one device with warranty and also $500 credits to explore further on Azure – It includes mixed reality services under Microsoft Azure. There is also a unity pro & PiXYZ plugin which comes for free for three months.Its cost is $3500 per device. Or, if you are interested for a monthly billing of this product then it is at cost $99/month.

However, I would suggest you to visit Microsoft official website to gather accurate details as above mentioned details might turn outdated by the time you read this blog. Visit: Microsoft HoloLens Cost

For first 5 comments, we will share an Amazon link to purchase HoloLens online. Be the first to comment, get an email on HoloLens 2 specifications and a custom guide to use.

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About HoloLens by Microsoft

Above details provided is just a compilation of inputs from multiple websites and need not be completely correct. It also includes personal opinion on HoloLens. However, if you want me to add few essential details about HoloLens then feel free to give your suggestions in the comment section below.

Top 10 features of HoloLens: More Information

That’s it in this post, if you are looking for top 10 features of HoloLens which makes it stands out of crowd then feel free to comment below.

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