DND Complaint Registration Process Got Changed – Year 2020

DND Complaint Registration

Yes, you can get rid of promotional SMS by registering a DND (Do Not Disturb) complaint. As SMS is a direct to consumer communication channel and there has been an increase in promotional content floating on SMS channel. Moreover, the previously published process doesn’t seem to work anymore, here is a new process of registering a DND complaint.

Note that, you have to register the complaint from the mobile or landline number on which you have been receiving unwanted/unsolicited messages so that you can block the sender permanently.

DND Complaint Process: SMS to 1909

New process: SMS the following text to 1909
“Reason/comment related to DND complaint, SMS senderID/Mobile number of unsolicited message sender, date on which you have received the message in DD/MM/YYYY format”

Here is an example: “I don’t want to receive promotional messages from this message sender, BW-LOANSS, 01/01/2020
Another example: “I don’t want to receive messages from this mobile number, 9999999999, 01/01/2020

However, if you are looking for the older process which was working earlier is “COMP TEL NO XXXXXXXXXX, dd/mm/yy, Time hh:mm” to 1909. Moreover, if you do not follow the correct format, as a result, you will receive instructions from 1909 on how to register a DND complaint correctly.

If you want to register a DND complaint through a voice call, then below is the process.

Promotional SMS DND Complaint: Voice call to 1909

Dial 1909 from your mobile and choose to speak with customer care executive to register a complaint for receiving unwanted commercial SMS or call on your phone and even you registered for DND (now NCPR).

Provide the below details of the unsolicited call or message to customer care executive:-

1)      Company / Brand / Telemarketer details
2)      Telephone number or the SMS header of the call / message you received
3)      The date and time of the call
4)      And, description of the call or the message

Post submitting the complaint, as a result, the customer care executive will register a complaint and provide a unique compliant number, keep the number for future reference. Within 7 days of the compliant, you will be informed about the action taken.

To access customer preference portal provided by TRAI, visit here: http://www.nccptrai.gov.in/nccpregistry/

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