Top 10 Angular 2 Interview Questions

angular 2 interview questions

My Top 10 List: Top 10 Most Popular Angular 2 Interview Questions

Angular 2 interview questions: Angular 2 or sometimes referred as AngularJS 2 is an open source JavaScript framework to build web applications in HTML and JavaScript. With increase in demand for Angular 2 applications there is an increase in Angular 2 jobs in the IT industry. There are a lot of companies that are looking for Angular 2 skills, if you are looking at the following things then you are at the right page on the internet: angular 2 interview questions, angularjs 2 interview questions, angular 2 interview questions and answers, angular 2 interview questions for experienced, capgemini angular 2 interview questions, angular 2 interview questions github and angular 2 tutorial.

Here is a list of top 10 most popular angular 2 interview questions and can also be considered as top 10 most frequently asked angular 2 interview questions.

What’s the difference between Angular JS and Angular 2?

Unlike Angular JS, Angular 2 was created for developing mobile applications. Angular 2 is a complete rewrite of Angular JS and can be considered as next level of Angular JS for mobile applications

What are the core advantages of Angular 2?

Angular 2’s main advantages are:

  • Mobile-Friendly: Angular 2 was built with the mobile app development industry in mind.
  • Browser Compatibility: Angular 2 supports Internet Explorer 9, 10, 11, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Android 4.1, and of-course Microsoft Edge.
  • Cross-Platform Flexibility: Angular 2 developers can design applications that can run on desktop systems, Android-based devices, iOS-based devices, etc. Provides top class flexibility.
  • High Performance: Angular 2 offers core performance advantages of JavaScript as it uses a highly optimized superset of JavaScript that makes both the app and website load faster. Additionally, Angular 2’s new component router results in faster loads.
  • Code Generation: Templates are turned into code that’s highly optimized for today’s JavaScript virtual machines. This gives the developer all of the benefits of hand-written code, but with a framework’s productivity.
  • Cost-Effective: And of course, Angular is open source, so the price is right!

Name the three Module Arrays

It is highly recommended to structure your code into modules as they break your applications into logical boundaries. They are:

  • Bootstrap array – Tells Angular which components to load so the functionality can be accessed
  • Export array – Sends out components, directives, and pipes to be used in other modules.
  • Import array – Brings in functionality from other Angular modules

Explain routing in Angular 2

Routing helps in directing users to different pages depending on what option they chose on the main page. Therefore, the required Angular component that gets rendered to the user is determined by whatever option they chose.

Describe Lazy Loading

It is a technique where, instead of loading the entire webpage and providing it to the user in one shot, only the desired section gets loaded in, with the rest of content delayed until needed, if at all. It helps in website optimization and improves user experience. It is similar to a pagination concept and is considered as most useful feature provided by Angular 2.

What’s a Directive?

Directives add behavior to existing DOM elements. They design reusable components. A directive is a custom HTML element that is used to extend the power of HTML. Angular 2 has the following directives that get called as part of the BrowserModule module. ngif. ngFor.

How do you handle Angular application errors?

Angular 2 applications have the option of error handling. This is done by including the ReactJS catch library and then using the catch function.

The error handling code can be added on top of the chapter for CRUD operations using http.

In the product.service.ts file, enter the code such that:

  • The catch function contains a link to the Error Handler function.
  • In the error handler function, we send the error to the console. We also throw the error back to the main program so that the execution can continue.

Now, whenever you get an error it will be redirected to the error console of the browser.

Define the role of a decorator in Angular 2

Parameter decorator on a view-provider parameter of a class constructor that tells the DI framework to resolve the view by checking injectors of child elements, and stop when reaching the host element of the current component.

The decorators provide additional metadata that dictates how the component should be processed and used when it’s run. Decorators identify an object type or class that has been created by the TypeScript as an Angular component.

How to convert a string into a date using Angular 2

When this question is asked in angular 2 interview then you can provide the below code which converts a string into a date.

The date of this Tutorial is {{newdate | date:”MM/dd/yy”}}

Explain the chief components of Angular 2?

The main components are:

  • Component– Brings the modules together
  • Metadata– Adds more data to the Angular JS class
  • Modules– Breaks up the application into logical pieces of code, each module performing a single task
  • Service– Creates a component that can be shared across the whole application
  • Templates– Defines an Angular JS application’s views

Additionally, pipes in Angular 2 edit, transform and format the data within the template. Bottom line, pipes takes input data and transforms it into output into something that we want.

About Top 10 Angular 2 Interview Questions

All the best for your upcoming Angular 2 interview. You can crack it well if you are thorough with the above mentioned questions & answers. Along with this, I would strongly recommend to practice few applications using Angular 2.

Top 10 Angular 2 Interview Questions: More Information

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